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Terms and conditions of usage of the website
From now on, ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, is subject to change by ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra without notice. By accessing its site you are bound to comply with its terms and conditions.
ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra is a trade mark registered in UK. This website contains material which is owned by us or licensed to us. This material includes, but is not limited to, the design, layout, look, appearance and graphics. Reproduction is prohibited unless agreed in writing by ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra  in accordance with the copyright notice, which forms part of these terms and conditions.
The mission of ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra is to offer a service of classified advertisements to the Spanish speaking community living in Great Britain, for that reason the content published will be in both English and Spanish.
ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra reserves the right to ban adverts which content is totally or partially in any language other than English or Spanish.

USE OF ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra. In order to publish the free or charged classifieds you must be a registered user and you will not incur in the following acts:

  • To violate the policy and rules of prohibited content.
  • Publishing knowingly false material or inducing to error.
  • Violate the rights of third persons.
  • To distribute unsolicited mail (junk or spam mail) chain mail or pyramid schemes.
  • To store, copy or to obtain from other user without their consent, including third parties email addresses published in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra.
  • Introducing any form of malicious software into the network or undertaking deliberate activities that waste staff effort or networked resources.
  • To copy, modify or distribute third’s party content.
  • To store or ask for personal data from third parties without consent, including email addresses published in LARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra.
  • To hack or infringe the security o the website in order to restrict access to

ABUSIVE USE OF ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra.
You should use  the ‘Contáct’ section to let know ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra of any problem or offensive content, therefore we can maintain the good running of the website. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra reserves the right to limit of finish our service, to delete its content and to adopt technical and legal measures to protect our website from users that infringes our policy, with independence of any payment made to ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra or complementary services. Nevertheless having decided whether to deny access or not to an user, we do not hold liability for the unauthorised or illegal use of ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra by users.
If you publish information in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra providing false identity or false contact details or representing third parties, ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra reserves the right to give your details and IP address to the person or company affected, their agents or legal representatives.

ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra
 hosts  its own content as well as content from the registered users. The user agrees not to use, copy, modify or distribute content from ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra that is subject to intellectual rights or trade mark. From the moment the registered user gives content to ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, he/she is supplying a non exclusive, perpetual, global, irrevocable, free, sub-licensable, transferable, right to the exploitation of those contents (including, without  limitation, its reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation and ‘delivery to the public’) in such a way that ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra can use it in every possible way and means of reproduction. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra needs these rights in order to host and share the content facilitated by the user. If the user thinks his/her rights are being violated, he/she should notify ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra at the address for the case to be investigated. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra reserves the right to withdraw content in case that it infringes these conditions of use or violates the rights of third parties.

You agree not to make responsible ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra for content added or acts committed by other users for most content in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra comes from other users, the company cannot guarantee, the communications issued, the accuracy, quality, security or legality of published material by users.
ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra cannot guarantee a safe or continuous access to its services. Therefore, when legally permitted, implicit guarantees are excluded. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra is not accountable for the loss of money, commerce or reputation, and any kind of special damages, indirect or emerging as a result of the use of ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra by the user.
ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra provides links to websites kept by third parties. The links mentioned are not under control by ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra therefore it is not liable for any of the contents of the links provided.

By participating in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, the user agrees that ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra with .acting as responsible, to collect, to transfer, to preserve and to use their personal data in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra servers based in UK, and its subsidiaries based in the European Union, as described in detail in the Data Protection Policy (added as reference to this conditions of usage)

The present policies that rule ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra constitute an agreement between users and ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, independent of other services compatibles with ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, contracted or employed by the user that will be regulated by specific conditions. The present agreement is regulated by UK laws. In the company does not ask the compliance of a specific regulation, it is not resigning to do so in the future. If a court demands the suppression of some of these regulations, the rest of regulations will remain.
ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra reserves the right to actualize or modify its current regulations of usage at any moment. The changes applied to the present general conditions will have effect at the time the user participates again in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, or if appropriate, after 30 days from the publication of the update (whatever occurs first). Not other modification of this agreement will have effect unless written and signed by the user and the company.
The user should send his/her queries, comments or complains to the following address: qqq@ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra

It is not authorised in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra the publication of classifieds related to the sale of illegal goods or illegal services according to local laws. Furthermore, the following goods and services are expressly prohibited:

  • Blood and body parts.
  • Tools employed in robbery.
  • Child pornography.
  • Counterfeit currency and stamps.
  • Illegal drugs and drug paraphernalia.
  • Explosives, fireworks and ammunition.
  • Lottery tickets.
  • Hazardous materials.
  • Passports, personal data, financial data or mailing lists.
  • Offensive behaviour and discriminatory or violent language.
  • Incitement to violence and murder.
  • Adults only material.
  • Offensive materials including neo-nazi propaganda and racial hatred.
  • Pesticides.
  • Government identification, licenses and uniforms. 
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Pyramidal multilevel marketing.
  • Incitement to riots or unruly mods.
  • Stocks, bonds and securities.
  • Stolen property.
  • Terrorist propaganda.
  • Tobacco and related goods.
  • Weapons, knives, ammunition and related items.

The following articles or services are generally prohibited or are bound by legislation:

  • Alcohol.
  • Animals.
  • Minerals, fossils.
  • Hazardous items and restricted or perishable goods.
  • Medical instruments.
  • Medicine (including cosmetic surgery)

Potentially infringing items or services:

  • Bootleg recordings.
  • Inadequate use of trade mark.
  • Internet downloads.
  • Film and media recordings.
  • Fake items and  replicas.
  • Satellite or cable TV recorders.
  • Non authorised reproductions of any material protected by Copyright law.


The current policy on data protection describes how personal data from the users is stored. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra collects, stores in files, uses and shares this personal data in order to facilitate the good functioning of the web site and to maintain its security (see details below). In formal terms, ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, acting in its own name or through its affiliates is the sole responsible of the management of data. By accessing ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra (and thus sharing personal data) the user accepts the terms and conditions expected by this policy and allows ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra  to carry out the management of the data as specified. The present policy takes place from 01/09/2020.

ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra obtains and stores in files the following personal data:

  • Email address, contact address and occasionally (depending of the service required) bank details and landline telephone number or mobile telephone number.
  • Computer data, statistics regarding page visits, traffic from and to ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra and publicity (everything through ‘cookies’-user has the right to stop cookies from its browser, although affecting perhaps certain functions from the web site).
  • Other data, like users’ IP addresses and ‘web log’ (visits registry) standard information.

ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra
 makes use of personal data from users in order to:

  • To resolve disputes, to charge tariffs and to resolve technical issues.
  • To encourage secure commerce and to enforce company policies.
  • To develop other activities directed to the users, stated at the moment of data collection.

ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra
 does not sell or let personal data from users to third parties with commercial reasons without the user consent. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra could, nevertheless, show personal data for legal reasons, to comply with the company policies, to solve issues regarding the infringement of content that affects to third parties or to protect the rights of any person and his/her own security and property. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra could also share and transfer personal data to:

  • Companies belonging to the same holding that help us to detect and to prevent illegal acts or with the ones we offer  shared services.
  • Contractors that help with internal operations.

USE OF INFORMATION. The user can strictly use personal data published in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra to interact with another user regarding a particular advert, but not to send unsolicited mail, junk mail or to collect personal data from an user that has not authorised it.

ACCESS, AMENDMENTS, CANCELLATIONS AND DISPUTES. The user can access, rectify o cancel his/her personal data or oppose an edition of it by checking his/her advert. In order to check any personal data that no accessible in ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra, you can contact customer support at the address (we ask user to correct  any mistake in the data). The processing of these applications for changes can incur in a fee that will not excess the charge stipulated by law. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra will cancel personal data when it is not longer needed for the use above described. ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra will keep personal data allowed by law to solve disputes, enforcer the policies of ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra and to avoid abusers to access the web site.

SECURITY.  ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra uses a number of tools (encryption, passwords, physical security) to protect user’s personal data against fraudulent access and non authorised publications, without detriment of security measures of the Internet were not firm, we cannot guarantee anything in that respect.

GENERAL TERMSARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra can use this policy at any time. The updates will have effect under the following circumstances: When the user makes use of ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra or after 30 days of its update. If ARenIN – ARgentinos en INglaterra or its affiliates participate in a merge or purchase, they could share user’s personal data with other company, in which case the current policy will be applied.
You could send us your questions regarding this policy through the link ‘contact’.